Tenaga Kimia-Ensign Bickford Sdn. Bhd. (TKEB)
Under the joint-venture company between TKSB and Ensign-Bickford Company (EBCo) which is known as TKEB, an advanced manufacturing facility had been constructed to assemble non-electric detonators in 2002. These machines are tested and run with full capacity in 2003 to produce non-electric detonators under EBCo’s trademark, PRIMADET and the trade name was subsequently changed to NONEL after EBCo was bought over by Dyno Nobel worldwide.

There are 3 production lines which have the capacity to produce up to 5 million pieces of non-electric detonators annually. These production lines consist of winder, coiler, sealer, tagger and crimper that are semi/fully automated to enhance assembly process and reduce human errors. Most of the detonator assembly components are manufactured and supplied by our principal. TKEB is capable of producing wide range of non-electric detonator products such as millisecond (MS) series, long period (LP) series, trunk-lines series (EZTL and NTD) as well as dual detonator series (EZdet). With stringent quality control in both incoming and finished products, TKEB guarantees the best is being produced for our customers.

Cap Plant
In 2005, elemented Cap Plant was constructed to further enhance TKEB’s ability to provide a wider range of delay time denotators, providing customers another option to request custom-made delay time denotators to suit their specific requirements. This elemented Cap Plant is equipped with 2 new state-of-the art delay elemented machines, MDEMs, which can produce up to 24 million pieces of elemented denotators annually.

At present, TKEB not only supports the local blasting requirements, but we also export our non-electric detonator to neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Hong Kong, Philippines and Taiwan besides Malaysian market.

Ares Chemicals Tech Inc. (ACTI)

Formed in 2006, ACTI is joint-venture company between TKSB and prominent Taiwan shareholders. ACTI is the sole manufacturer of electric detonator and other blasting accessories in Taiwan. ACTI was instrumental in introducing the application of bulk emulsion explosives in Taiwan and providing reliable down-the-hole services to cement quarries.

TKPV (a joint-venture between TKSB and PV Explosives Group from Thailand)
TKPV is a joint venture company between TKSB and a local established explosives group in Thailand. In 2005, TKPV’s state-of-the-art bulk emulsion production plant was successfully commissioned. Currently, TKPV offers bulk emulsion charging and delivery services to customers in cement and mining industries in Thailand and its neighbouring countries eg. Laos PDR. With the strong local management and dedicated technical team supported by TKSB, TKPV is expanding tremendously by securing a number of supply contracts from the established local, Australian and Canadian mining companies operating coal, copper and gold mining activities in Laos & Thailand. Being the pioneer in bulk emulsion explosives manufacturing, TKPV, now a bulk explosives supplier, also provides tailored integrated blasting solutions to their customers.

Mount Rock Powder Corporation, Philippines 
A joint venture company between TKSB and a group of established shareholders which are actively involved in the mining and explosives supply business. Established in 2008 with the administrative office based in Manila, we are able to penetrate into the mining and quarrying segment concentrated in Mindanao, Luzon and Visayan areas. We offer drill & blast services to the mining companies as well as contracted explosives supply to some of the mineral mining customers in Mindanao. All of the explosive products are supported by our integrated manufacturing facilities in Batu Arang, Malaysia.

PT Tenaga Kimia Indonesia (PT TKI), Indonesia 
Being a newly established legal entity in Indonesia in 2010, PT TKI is a majority owned subsidiary of TKSB which is an extension of our pro-active approach in the explosives supply and down-the-hole services in the coal and gold mining industries in Indonesia.

Besides securing 3 complete Down-The-Hole (DTH) projects in Kalimantan which include the supply of on-site emulsion manufacturing, ANFO and bulk explosives down-the-hole services loading as well as the full range of blasting accessories, PT TKI has been working closely and progressively with other licensed explosive suppliers in Indonesia for contract-manufacturing as well as explosive supply and blasting service businesses.

Other Associates and Representatives in the Asia Pacific Region
In Hong Kong and Singapore, TKSB is well represented by experienced associates that are involved in infrastructure development, control blasting, tunneling and underwater blasting activities. TKSB extends its role of being an explosive supplier but also blasting solutions provider in the niche segment of tunneling and underwater blasting. With the capabilities of providing in-house designed modular bulk emulsion delivery system for both surface and underground blasting needs, we provide integrated bulk services team to support and enhance the local operation teams.

In Vietnam, TKSB is represented by a Country Manager who is mainly serves as the main liaison between local licensed importers and end-users besides playing the vital role in business development.