NONEL Detonators Plant
Leading supplier in non-electric detonators
Enhancing its product line, TKSB formed a joint venture company in 2002 which is known as TKEB (Tenaga Kimia Ensign Bickford) to assemble non-electric detonators. The non-electric detonators were originally produced under EBCo’s trademark, PRIMADET™ and the trade name was subsequently changed to NONEL™ after EBCo was bought over by Dyno Nobel worldwide.

Wide range of products
TKEB has a strong stream of three production lines and a huge capacity to produce up to 5 million pieces of non-electric detonators annually. These production lines consist of winder, coiler, sealer, tagger and crimper which are semi/fully automated to enhance assembly process and reduce human errors.
The company produces a wide range of non-electric detonator products such as millisecond (MS) series, long period (LP) series, trunk-lines series (EZTL and NTD) as well as double-head detonator series (EZdet).

Apart from being a leader in supplying non-electric detonators to the Malaysian market, TKEB also exports to neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Hong Kong and Taiwan.