TKSB offers excellent services starting from researching the current practices and proposing new initiatives that can be implemented to improve blasting outcomes for clients.

Here is the range of services offered by TKSB’s team of experts:

Technical Expertise and Services
Through our technical Services team, TKSB develops cost effective explosives solutions that are in line with our client’s commitment to safety and environmental issues.

TKSB’s services include the following:

Integrated Blast Dynamics (IBD) Services
The IBD service aids clients to plan optimized blasts through better design of explosive energy distribution and initiation sequence. This will generate real cost benefits and extensively reduce the incidents of flyrock, airblast and excessive vibration.

Using modern technology and computer aided software, our technical team is able to simulate scenarios and provide our clients with the optimal solution in a full report that includes all necessary information to implement the recommended blast design. Blast assessments will be monitored and evaluated using digital videos, vibration monitoring equipment as well as digital fragmentation monitoring software

Optimization Programme
Optimization programme is a special and continuous improvement project which assists our clients in achieving the highest profits in mining and quarrying operations.  The aim of this program is to reduce the maintenance cost of equipment servicing, drilling, hauling and loading whilst optimizing the cost of explosives through increased effectiveness and correct application of TKSB’s explosives. 

This service offered by a borehole deviation surveying system which serves the purpose of auditing drilling results quickly and accurately.  The results from the survey will prevent serious operational problems particularly in the mining, quarrying and construction industries due to incorrect setting of drill angles, borehole deviation and incorrect drilling depths. TKSB will provide a comprehensive report after the boretracking is completed.

Laser Profiling
This service will help clients to determine the measurement of rock faces and volumetric surveys.  It will provide face profiling, burden calculation, slope stability and deformation measurement.  This is very important in preventing flyrock due to vibration and the formation of toes caused by over-burdened holes.  It also assists in improving cost efficiencies of the drilling equipment and explosives usage.

Wipfrag (Fragmentation Analysis Software)
TKSB offers this service which uses a digital fragmentation measurement device which assists clients to evaluate oversize fragmentation and to optimize future blast results from over-blasting and excessive fines generation.

Blast Assessments and Monitoring
TKSB offers blast assessments and monitoring using digital videos and vibration monitoring equipment by our technical service team for recording, educating and continuous improvement plans.
Conducting training is another TKSB’s privilege for blasters, shotfirers, and engineers on subject application of explosives, blast techniques and safety.