Since its inception in 1976, Tenaga Kimia Sendirian Berhad (TKSB) has become one of the renowned provider of civil high explosive products, blasting accessories, bulk emulsion delivery and technical services in the world. TKSB’s blasting solutions and technical expertise have made a significant presence in the mining, quarrying, specialty and construction sectors, especially in the South East Asia region.

In 1983, the Company became a manufacturer of advanced emulsion high explosives when a technology collaboration was established with Nitro Nobel of Sweden, and assembly of NONEL in 2003 when a new joint venture was formed with Ensign Bickford.

Today, TKSB is a member of Austin Powder group of companies. Headquartered in Damansara Jaya, Selangor and employs over 200 employees with a strong distribution network of appointed dealers in South-East Asia. Growing from strength to strength, the Company is poised to be a global leader in providing innovative blasting solutions.

To establish our regional position; TKSB’s growth strategy focuses on three main aspects, namely; to maximising customer profit by optimising blasting results for our customers in a competitive manner; expansion of exports in our regional markets and improving our internal efficiency.

This strategy is driven by a strong value system to strive for excellence in all our product quality, safety and services.