Emulex High Explosive Plant
With a capacity to manufacture about 6000MT of cartridge emulsion explosives annually, TKSB has earned its reputation to become one of the largest explosive manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region.

Leading edge technology, world class accreditation
Utilizing cutting edge technology, TKSB’s modern continuous processing plant comprises the functions of oxidizer/fuel preparations, mixing, cartridging and final product packaging systems. TKSB provides reliable process control systems with monitoring of critical parameters. High level safety features are incorporated into the production plant with an automatic overloading interlocking system.
With the company’s ISO 9001 certification, customers can be assured that the company places high priority on its safety and quality practices. The Emulex High Explosive Plant is designed and constructed according to Federation of European Explosive Manufacturers (FEEM) standards.

Reaching the global market

With TKSB‘s innovative product growth over the course of the last few years, the company has exported its products to Asia Pacific countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia for their quarrying, construction and mining applications and has supplied their off-shore and inland seismic explosives to countries internationally such as Sudan, Bangladesh, Brunei and others.