Emulex® 100

For general surface blasting. Intended for column charging and priming. Without aluminum powder.

Emulex® 150

Specialized for open pit. Use as both column charge and primers. Added with aluminum to
provide higher explosion energy.


Emulex® 180

Formulated for underground blasting. Intended for column charging or priming. Possesses
superb explosion energy to enhance fragmentation.


Emulex® 300

Used as water resistant blasting agent. Suitable replacement for EMULEX 1000 series for
column charging at places where mobile mixing unit cannot access to.


Emulex® 400

Classified as permissible explosives formulated for underground bituminous coal mine
blasting activities. Safe and effective column charge under flammable methane-air atmosphere.


Emulex® 700

Designed for oil & gas prospecting in off-shore and land operations (Seismic exploration).
Contained in couple ABS rigid plastic canister which is proven to withstand high hydrostatic
pressure and enables operators to easily increase charges as and when required.


Cast Booster

Cast Booster has high density and high velocity of detonation to maximize performance in priming application.


Detonating Cord – 5 gm, 10 gm

A high explosive line used to initiate non-electric shock tube or booster.